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My new salon's view

The mind is powerful! God programmed the mind to manifest the mental photographs and thoughts that it produces. There is a culprit that fights us so hard to try to impute negative images and thoughts into our minds. The company we keep, the music we listen to, and the opinions that we digest are all variables that play roles in how we think. God built us with infused talents and desires for his purpose and for our benefit. The hidden parts of us lie and wait to be birthed into the physical realm. The mind is the bridge that God gave us to use to awaken the hidden parts of us that lie dormant. Life is constantly teaching us. Are are we listening? That's not rhetorical. Answer the question. As I write to you, I'm stepping on my own toes. As I remember old life lessons, they nudge me to apply those old solutions to my current, familiar, and stressful situations. My life said to me in 2008, "Because you have changed nothing, you will continue to go around this same circle."

I made a conscience decision to change what I allowed to enter my mind after listening to my life. I'm still learning how to do this.

10 years ago I went on a tour to see a commercial property with a real-estate agent. I thought to myself, "I will have a salon like this one day!" I know darn well that I could not afford that property at the time. I can honestly say that when I, wholeheartedly, put my mind to something, it flourishes well! My harvest season took 10 years! However, the filaments still grew, and the ovaries still bloomed. It's funny how your mind can take you places that your bank account can't always take you. To walk by faith and not my sight is vital! God impregnated my mind with a mental picture. Now 10 years later I'm here building on the very thing that was once impossible.

At times it's hard to speak positive affirmations. I challenge you to speak life into yourself and to others for the next 30 days. Think yourself into greatness! So a man thinketh so is he. Honey I am a business woman! I am a positive influence! Im not a failure! What do you think about yourself?

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