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Don't Just Smell The Roses...Dissect Them!

So I know you were told to smell the roses, right? Yes, we all were. The act of just smelling the roses is fine and dandy but lets do more than just smell them. I believe that life is offering us way much more than an earthy fragrance and a nice hue. C

heck out the thorns on it's stem and google thier purpose. Some may ask, "How can something so beautiful have thorns?" Hell, get down in the gravel and see how they grow.

In a nut shell, I'm just simply saying to be grateful for the moment.

Some of you may be in the biggest storm of your life. Stop for a moment and ask yourself. God what are you trying to teach me about my current situation? What strengths will I gain when I make it through this storm? Look for the good and rejoice my sister or brother. Don't rush your life. Stop and observe. Take one of those rose petals and put it under a magnifying glass and dissect it. After googling about the thorns on the stem of a rose you will fine that the thorns deter animals from eating the plant material. See! Purpose is everywhere! There is purpose for this storm that you are in.

And some of you may be enjoying a nice ray of vitamin D. The sun is shinning for some of you right now. That is only because you came out of a storm or getting ready to go into one. Look for God's voice in the calm times of your life as well. What is God preparing you for right now?

At the end of the day, appreciate life as a whole. And stop by Chic Hair of Houston for a bomb style!

Love you,

Ashley Mone't

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