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Hey Gorgeous! How are you holding up?

Ok so it's pretty obvious that our world has shifted at this point. It's almost like someone threw a huge red paint balloon at our world from out of space and now we are left trying to figure out how to clean the splattered paint. How will we get this all up? Can I whisper a little something to you?

Girl leave that paint right where it is. Don't get it on you! Don't get frustrated by things that you were not equipped to handle. Yes our new red world is an adjustment for all of us. However, we must learn how to do what we can in this hour. People have lost jobs, family members, and so much more that we can't even imagine. And on the other hand, some people have managed to not even get hit with a splash.

Who are you in all of this? Are you the one that's not used to people helping you and now you must learn how to humble yourself and receive the help that God has planted in your circle? Or, are you the one who has more than enough and you are in the position to share?

I want to encourage you to be mindful that many people are living a new normal. Take it easy. Conjure up a little empathy that you may have tucked away somewhere. Wake up and say to yourself, "How can I add to this world?...How can I put a smile on someone's face?...[or] Where do I fit in all of this?

I'll put it like this...God always has a unique way of getting our attention. Instead of worrying about how you are going to clean up the mess, look for the good in all of it. See the world as a bright shade of vermilion that's here to color all the areas in our lives that were gray. We now have a new sense of awarness.

I noticed that my body needed this rest! I forced myself to look at the red paint as a bottle of claret. I took a sip and in the words of my friend Monique, "I sit outside and look at the birds and trees." During the quarantine I was able to reflect on and realign things in my life that were out of order. I will tell you this... I put on a new pair of frames and I see sight in my future. I see a new standard of what's truly important in my life.

My life, peace, health, strength, and purpose are all vital aspects of me. The lord knows I'm telling the truth. If something or someone comes my way to try to jeopardize any of these areas of my life I must ask myself, "Is it worth it?," before opening that door. I would encourage you to do the same.

"It's a new season, it's a new day A fresh anointing is flowing my way It's a season of power and prosperity It's a new season coming to me"


Just know that sooner than later that paint will dry! Hold your head up and smile gorgeous!

Oh... and how is your hair and skin looking? Try my new hair and skin vitamin!!

Comment below and tell my what your hair is looking like these days. How's life for you? How are the the kids? Are you working still? Encourage the lady that's at her wits end. Let's chat.

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